29 juillet 2018

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Border between Real and Fiction

Border between Real and Fiction.

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Over the last few decades, absurd contradictions have developed in us about the promotion of the vocation to sharing, and about what reveals intimacy in general. In the field of Art, as in so many others, confusion has been the rule. One thing is certain: we have become accustomed, for all the difficulties that may be caused by this confusion, to putting an end to the secret and to what is officially private. Through this article, we will try to delve into what is deepest in the field of Art in its relationship with Real and Fiction.

How could I start this without mentioning the example of reality TV shows? The world has seen the emergence of programs whose orientation seems to be less secret, less false, more related to real life. A real competition in the wrong, a false competition to be true, a bit of both, that’s what it is. Regarding this phenomenon and contrary to what many say, the problem is not the means of entertainment as such nor the risk of losing its bearings for the youngest viewers or having the wrong ones. The problem is to not be aware of all this. This reflex that is missing in many people today, that of knowing how to question everything that seems real to them. Today, because of a certain genre of reality shows, girls and boys no longer have confidence in themselves. This is not surprising since it is rather one of the consequences of a certain perception of an « idea of ​​reality » becoming popular, revealing a certain ideal world. A world so unreal and false that it was not the harm it sometimes causes, one would almost prefer to forget that it exists. In any case, such a judgment does not matter. What is most necessary in my opinion is that this perception is continually enriched. This enrichment requires, in my mind, a constant readjustment through the fruits of our knowledge and our own experiences regardless of the extent of any obsolete design that could be presented to us. In a way, that’s what we all try to do, almost all, each in their own way. Here is mine: Interstellarts. So, would it be healthy to deduce that we must be disconnected from this world since all this is useless and that it would be better if we return to wise practices, standards often suggested and practiced by parents, the famous « it was better before »? No way. On the contrary, there is nothing better than to be connected to all that is most current in our societies, and it is only by understanding the tendencies even being a good disciple of these that one could anticipate the evolution of things. In this opening, there is no question of thoroughly analyzing, discussing in detail or taking seriously this statement on what characterizes our societies today. The goal is not to judge the utility. We must simply remember that in the genesis of a social norm, the surface progression is ineffective, and that, moreover, it gives rise to absorption in a certain way, that the important changes always take place at a higher level of the human spirit and social dynamics, and in all that surrounds us, some occultation is necessary. And the best expression of it lies in Art. What is most intimate is what traces the frontier of the two worlds, the Real and the Fiction.

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